Securing the Future of Digital Identity with DNA. 

Aveum Systems is a technology company that is revolutionizing the field of digital identity and hyper-secure systems. Our platform leverages deep machine learning, proprietary genomic technologies, and bioinformatic capabilities to establish cryptographically secure digital identities.

Our platform represents a groundbreaking approach to digital identity, offering a secure, private, and scalable solution rooted in the integrity and security of the human genome.

By combining our technology with emerging innovations in advanced system design, we are creating a new paradigm for digital identity that is both open and completely secure. 

Our Proprietary System Comprises the Following Technology or Processes

artificial intelligence (AI),  deep machine learning (DML), Biometric Fusion-Based Decision Capacity,  DNA Factor Authentication (DNAFA), Score Level Fusion, Encryption, Cryptography, Ciphertext, AES, RSA, and ECC Algorithms, NVMeTechnology, Hashing, Blockchain,  Key Distribution, Digital Signatures, Public Public-Private (PPk) Key Pairing, Key Management, Anti-Cryptanalytic Software, Protocols including TLS, SSH, and PGP, Hybrid Cryptosystems, OTP Interface, Biometric Recognition, Biometric ECC,  Machine Sequencing, FASTA Formatting, Salting, Key Derived Function KDF, Aveum-256, Binary Code creation and User/Sever  interface, PBKDF2, Bcryp, Scrypt,  Error Correction Methods for Gene  Mutations, Epigenetic Data, Quantum Data Processing, Networking Applications, Security System Device Protection, Centralized and Decentralized Management,  Human Machine Interface, ARM Processors, DNA Sequencers, Sensors, Fingerprint and Iris Scanner, eMMC storage, Key Management System  and other combined Intellectual Property 

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